I think he may have a mental illness.

Recent events in our life are making me see that he has a mental problem. Not that he doesn’t love me or want to have a good life. Hes just a sick person.

But what do I do now? I’m scared a little. I am a little fearful of him doing something rash like disappearing to never be found again. Im on pins and needles because I always talk with blame. I have always lashed out at him for his shortcomings…which are because of his mind and not his fault. I seem to just make him mad. I have been so hard on him to be someone he wasn’t. Its taken its toll.

He has nightmares and cant sleep. He jumps and twitches in his sleep. He talks of God. I know he walks with God to. But he seems to be consumed with Jesus and God and its really hard to tell what reality he lives in. I truly believe that he carries God’s message within him. I have seen and felt it myself.

He says he doesn’t know anything. He just listens to the voice or voices. He does what they say no matter what.

He always had “they” They were his constant companion. I always thought they were a part of him…part of his conscious. They tell him what to decide.

What scares me is that he doesn’t live on this plane. He changes everyday. One day hes the fake Daniel and the next hes so moody and hurt and mad. Nothing can make him happy. Then he’s Euphoric and wants everyone to feel it. He talks ok, but doesn’t always make sense. When he writes I think it really comes out. He got so upset yesterday because I didn’t understand a letter he wrote me. But it didn’t make sense. I felt so bad. He seems to be running strictly on his immediate reaction and emotion. Like there are no 2nd thoughts going on. Its rash behavior.

I have never dealt with or had a family member that had a mental condition. I have dealt with drug addicts and abusive parents, crazy siblings, all of it. But this is new to me. I know his mind is fragile right now. He is at is ultimate low. How do I help?

He asked me to take him to see a doctor. I found a place that can give him meds or something for 10 days, but he doesn’t have insurance to cover anything else. Yesterday he wanted help, today I will see if he still does and go with him. Should I keep pushing it on him or let him come around?

Will this get worse? Will he be ok? Do I have him committed? I don’t want to take away his will. I don’t feel hes a danger to anyone. I just feel sad cause he is so lost even though he has a family and a life. I don’t know anymore.

Is there anyone out there that’s experienced this themselves? What did you need from your partner or family? What made you feel better?
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replied February 16th, 2009
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Honey, get him help....

Much love,
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replied September 11th, 2009
If it does get worst will you know in time to make sure nothing terrible happens? I think we all remember the young girl, Elizabeth Smart, who was yanked out her bedroom window and raped yards away from her loved ones that very morning. I remember she said she could hear her family searching for her when it happened but that he threatened to go back and get her little sister if she made a noise. DON'T take the chance that your loved one becomes the next deranged person to do this to someone! Think of how bad you will feel then! That man thought he heard God talking to him too, and that is NOT how God speaks to people. Like Java said, "Honey, get him help"! You might feel a little bad about pushing him or even forcing him to do something about his problem, but you will feel like you are in absolute HELL if it gets so bad he hurts someones kid.

Be strong, good luck.

Love & concern,
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replied September 13th, 2009
those are symptoms of schizophrenia!
talking without making sense, his thoughts all over the place, and the number one thing is he hears voices.
i can email you information about this mental disease so you can be better educated on it,and you would know what you can do.
people in this condition are over sensitive, so you have to watch what you say, as you will read in the information.
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