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Supplement Combination for Skin condition?


I'm 29 yr's old (male) and have suffered from poor/acne skin since the age of 16. I consider it mild these days.

I would describe it as oily/dry combination skin, oily around the mouth/chin/sides area (shaving areas). Doctors have said 'Seborrheic dermatitis', although it doesn't explain the dryness I suffer after cleansing - I always seem to have dead/flaky skin around the oily areas.

Cleaners I use: Quinoderm Face Wash/ 2.5% Gel - Used PanOxyl in the past (discontinued)/ Recently started using Argan Oil as a moisturizer.

Now, from my own research, I've recently started using this combination of supplements:

Primrose Oil 1300 mg (twice daily)/ Used COD Live Oil prior
Grape Seed Extract (twice daily)/ Never used before
Vitamin B Complex (1)
Vitamin E - Selenium (1)
Zinc 25 mg (1)/ Used it for ages

On & Off:
Milk Thistle/ Vitamin C (prefer foods)

My first question is: Are these safe to take together? To add, Zinc has probably been the most effective supplement I've taken over the years.

Second Question: Do these supplements seem correct in relation to the condition? And can you recommend better?

This might be a post for the skin condition section although my primary concern is the supplement advice.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.
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