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Super Denial super secretive and Super aware of my awareness

Really fed up with two things that aren't necessarily new to the relationship.My longtime Gf of 10 years now ...
1# faking orgasm Only !! When not under the influence as in drunk or Little high on green stuff and #2 possible Super secretive masturbation that she would go to the end of the world to deny and hide from me.

We're both 32 and have kids... When we met at 22 it was as if sex was of course as it is with all 22 yr olds.. New , fun, and lots of it.. Nothing back in those times triggered a sense of insecurity or a lack of...

Aside from not getting along on a normal basis my Gf seems to not show much enthusiasm when initiating and during sex when we are both in a normal state of mind...
When we drink and have a good weekend and have sex it's all good and lol drunk talk all seems real..
I can tell when a woman isn't herself sexually I've had enough positive sexual experiences with very ccompatible women to know the difference.

She never was a sexual person , never cared to mention her past sex life in regards to maybe Her X bfs... being bigger or better , it's as if she's s secretive lying about pleasing her self .I have tried my ass.. of to ccatch her in the act.. but it's like hunting deer it's near impossible to catch the act unless she's unaware that you are aware .
I caught it one time when I came home and seen her through the window ..she never denied it but pushed the topic away.
Come to find out she was sorta having a self identity life crisis and talking to another female while doing this act as I later found out thru her texts.

She is very agressive when I bring up anything
I believe to be true... she's very manipulative when it comes to flipping the story around...
She acts as if she never seen a d*** before.
I tried to get her into porn..and when she sees women on women she likes it but god for bid seeing a dick in a chick...she's like find a better video
I swear she's been a long term Gf practical wife for 10 yrs.. and good mom.. but I hope she at heart isn't frikkn... Gay?

Any thoughts.
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replied July 9th, 2014
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A woman can go through many ages of her sexuality...Child rearing is one of the most difficult times...There your mind is really not on sex as many times it is going a mile a minute in many directions...Have to tried taking her on a Holiday?...The two of you just getting away for some private time....

I doubt any of your worries are her problems...She is just tired and trying to meld being a wife, mother and lover at the same time...Take care...

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