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Sun is making me sick

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I have this condition for years, but never thought to seek medical advise. My body seem to react to sunlight and warm weather. The simptoms i experience are general weakness, as well as need to vomit (just a feeling).The weakness sometimes is so overwhelming as i tend to feel like i am not even having a pulse (90/60).I seem to feel fine in colder weather, when i am energysed and dont have any discomfort at all.For the last week my condition took a different direction as i am feeling dizzy most of the time. Please, can anyone tell me what this could be due to.

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replied May 27th, 2010
Getting sick in the sun
I too have noticed that I get very sick when I am out in the sun. On another website I heard of another person mentioning they were getting sick in the sun and that she thought it might had to due with the fact that she had Grave�s disease. Although I do not have Grave�s disease, I have recently been told I have hyperthyroidism. In the past few days I discovered that when I wear my sunglasses (not removing them at all when out in the sun) I feel 100 times better. I stopped experiencing dizziness, nausea, the need to vomit, disorientation and sweats. Try wearing sunglasses at all times and let me know if this helps any�I am curious to know what could be making me feel so sick.

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