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Suggest medication for irregular period and poly cystic ovary

I have been prescribed Orgamed 10 for irregular period. I am suffering from poly-cystic ovary also. I am also taking Divaa OD 500 mg (divalproex sodium) tablet twice daily for the last three years. Kindly suggest whether I should take Orgamed 10 or suggest any other medicine. Is there any alternate ayurvedic medicine available for treatment of irregular periods and poly-cystic ovary?
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replied December 19th, 2011
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Normally the treatment for PCOS is birth control pills. That will make you regular, arrest the growth of the cysts and preserve whatever fertility you have left.

Work with your doctor to determine what to take and what to leave. She's/he's got your medical history and examined you, and should know best.

Take care!
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