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Suffering in enormous depression due to love failure

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Things are not going good in my life. Right now i am suffering from a huge amount of depression and stress and a pain in my heart. The GIRL I LOVE FOR 6 YEARS LEFT ME AND WENT WITH OTHER GUY. Right now i feel like doing a suicide. I am not able to concentrate on my work on my life. Totally my life is messed up. I loved her so much then i loved my mom, never even dreamt that she will betray me amd go with other guy.
It feels like dying right now. I am not able to eat nor sleep. Totally my life is a mess now. I cried and begged her a lot, she just blocked me completely in everything. Whatsapp, mobile everything. It feels like dying now. I am really helpless now. I am struggling to love here with this much of pain. I am making my mom to suffer because of my condition. She is scared that i will do something myself. I really dont know how to forget my 6 years of past and start a new life.

Please i suggest if anyone could help me to get out of this. I am working as a Software engineer, now because of this i am not able to concentrate on my work. I am scared that my career also will become a failure as my life because of this problem.

I really don't know how to forget her and come out of this as i am in such a loss. She had heart to leave a guy who stood for her in all this 6 years in all her problems who gave her the love that her family never gave. Everytime she used to take advantage of my love and my feelings and kill me by fighting.

Please someone help me to get out of this tell me a solution please.
I tried everything, started to go to GYM, started to JOGG, started to do meditation, joinned an NGO. But all this is going in vain, i am not able to control my feelings my depression my stress my love more then this my Tears for a girl like this. Because of me my family is suffering.

Kindly please help me.

Thank You,
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replied July 5th, 2017
You loved her. She didn't love you. I'm going through the same experience. It might be a good idea to take a vacation. Clear your head.
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