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suffering from double vision in one eye?

I have made an appointment with the optician but wondered if anyone could help me in between.

I have been suffering from double vision in one eye, more like a ghost outline around the images i see when i cover up my good eye, ive noticed it this last couple of weeks, I do a lot of swimming and wondered if it was that as the bad eye is particularly bad when ive swam and for the rest of the day after it, i dont wear goggles. But the vision doesnt clear up when im not swimming, when im out of the pool after my swim the double vision is particularly bad and its like my eye is clouded over but in between the eye doesnt feel right but the double vision at this time is more like ghost images. Its really worrying me now, im 34, short sighted but dont wear glasses all the time, other than this im healthy and my eye looks normal. Not sure if its the swimming causing a problem but wouldnt it be both eyes affected if it was just the water?
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replied March 17th, 2011
Ive seen the optician today who has found that the astigmastim level in my left eye has increased quite a lot since last time its now -2.25 compared to my right eye which is just -0.75. I also mentioned to him that I had scratched my eye just over a week ago which he said could be the cause of the double vision however he would like to see me again in 3 months as the eye has changed so much since the last time i was seen, he mentioned that it could be a condition although he wasnt saying it was that yet and if he felt it was this he would refer me to a specialist, he said keracotonus is a possibility but hes not saying its that yet. So could the scratched eye cause the astigmatism or did he just mean the double vision could have been caused by this? Would the astigmatism level change if my eye does still have a scratch on it so that it goes down when it heals?
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