Hi, I'm a 17 year old student and am at college. I think I may be suffering from Anxiety, over the last 2 or 3 years I have been extremely self concious, I'm constantly worried about what other people think of me, especially at college. It makes me worry about the way I walk, am constantly thinking about my actions and terrified of making a fool of myself. I also find it hard to meet new people, for example, when my mum has a friend around and I am upstairs in my bedroom, I find that I have to pluck up lots of courage to go down stairs and confront them. This is the same situation when my sister (who is 2 years younger than me) has her friends round, as I worry about what they think of me and worry about my actions around them. On some occasions, I have kept myself shut upstairs to avoid them. This has also caused me to avoid attending parties/gatherings I have been invited to. I also worry about the most silliest of things such as putting my hand up in class and being asked to answer a question in class. I also think and expect the worst case senario in any situation. I worry about the health of my family members. Worry about my money and my mums financial situation. I am obsessive, for example I have to do things in a certain way to avoid something bad happening to me. I'm scared about dying. Everyday I feel I am suffering from an undetected illness (such as cancer and tumours). Sometimes I also experience a sudden wave of intense fear and panic, and everything seems unreal. (I am unsure whether these are anxiety/panic attacks), these first started when I was 12/13 years old and usually last 2-3 minutes. they are normally triggered when i think 'what if nothing is real? what if im not actually here? ' everything feels like a dream. I think i have managed to keep calm during these.

I am unsure whether I am suffering from anxiety, and would like some thoughts from you guys. I would be very pleased for any feedback. Many Thanks.
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replied June 8th, 2013
Do not let negative thoughts hover your mind. They are the root cause of anxiety. Do meditation in the early morning. It will help you feel free from anxiety.
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replied August 6th, 2013
Take a deep breath. I know exactly how you feel.
What you're suffering IS anxiety. Don't freak out though, once you learn the right ways to deal with it, it becomes like second nature, and you can get by not thinking about it most days.

I started having panic attacks about a year ago. I spoke with a therapist and after many sessions, realized the root of my problem was my fear of being judged and my fear of looking stupid. I spent so much time stressing over it, my body finally couldn't handle anymore.

My advice is to go talk to a therapist. They really do know what they're doing, and I promise it isn't like the scary scenes you see in movies with the man and a clipboard and a long couch for you to lay on. Usually there's a small couch, or a club chair, and the doctors don't spend the whole time writing things down after the first session. It ends up feeling like normal conversation.

A few tricks I have learned when feeling anxious is to keep cold water handy, and to always count to 10. The cold water has 2 uses, take small sips and focus on making sure you swallow slowly, and then take the condensation off the outside of the bottle and put it on major pressure points like your wrists. Count to ten while taking a deep breath whenever that feeling of panic closing in happens. Release the breath just as slowly as you inhaled it to clear your mind.

Most of all don't be scared. You can't die from anxiety, and there are much worse things you could have to deal with, like paralysis or cancer. You really can get through it, even though there's really no permanent cure, just quick fixes.
Feel free to add me as a friend, I'm always willing to answer questions. I know how scary things can seem in the beginning. Smile keep your chin up
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replied August 9th, 2013
Definitely Anxiety, And it sucks huh. How are you dealing with it these days? As I notice this post is a few years old. I've currently been experiencing this myself for the past two months, I've always been abit like youself caring about things, But lately its gone into a full blown thing that has really gotten out of control. I have a constant sick feeling in my stomach,Its maybe nervousness mixed with something else, all the time.
Sorry to blabber on about myself but Im going though what you are describing
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