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Hi. My question is about how this could happen.
This has been consistent for over a month and a half. My brother has claimed something similar at a year and a half for him.

I had some vision changes almost overnight.

Here is what i''ve noticed:

Light Sensitive - Especially to florescent. or bright light from my monitor.

Tunnel Vision - Not much but enough. Edges seem most light sensitive.

Glare - This is a glow that comes off of everything. Either normal glow or "spikey" flare like glow depending on source type, brightness, and how dark things around it are.

Halos - Slight (rainbow) halo at the edge of glare (depends on source etc..)

Astigmatism Myopia - Double vision effect at distance.

I notice floaters too.

Yeah its a lot of things at once. It makes for some level of derealization for me. Opthamologist says I''m perfectly fine.
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replied December 6th, 2011
Turns out I have Depersonalization / Derealization (DP/DR) which others in my family have as well. I've talked to and re-confirmed it a million times over with those who understand which unfortunately are only the people who have it.
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