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Sudden twitching in shoulders & head

My 3 yr. old son is healthy w/ a history of right club foot. Nearly a week ago, his shoulders & head started twitching. It began w/ 5 min. intervals, & now it's progressed to continuous twitching with nearly no intervals. It's not as noticable when he's moving around, but when he sits still, you can clearly see the twitching. The Pediatrician did some blood tests a week ago to determine if it could be Rheumatic Heart Disease of Rheumatic Fever. All of his tests were normal & showed no signs of infection or anything for that matter. He suspects Chorea, but I've read up on it & I'm not too sure about this diagnosis. I live in the South Pacific where RHD is very common, but his tests say otherwise. I need another opinion pls.
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