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Sudden swelling on the back of my heel with numb-like feeling.

Hi, so two days ago I took a nap from 10PM to 2AM (boyfriend works nights so I'm on that schedule too) and woke up with a numb/swollen feeling on the back of my heel, or ankle I'm not really sure what it's called. Where the ankle stops and your foot begins I guess you could say. I currently do no have health insurance so before I go forking out money I wanted to know what it may be.
It isn't numb, just has the feeling. It was actually pretty sensitive when I poked it with a needle, it is raised in the middle and is pretty circular, it's not very raised but the size (the circle) looks a bit bigger than a US quarter. . It's getting a little bit more swollen as time goes on. For a few years now if I have my feet on the ground while sitting/standing for a long period of time the heels god numb. I also have on and off painful joints (knee, jaw, and one of my pinkies). I have a bit of a mouthful for my medical history but I feel if I leave anything out it could hurt my chances at one of you guys putting something together
I have, Factor V Leiden (one copy) and a previous superficial clot in my arm, Von Willebrand Disease (type one), and Pseudotumor Cerebri (it's not very common so in short the spinal fluid does not reabsorb correctly for an unknown reason, if left untreated can cause blindness). I've also had two unsucessiful very recent pregnancies (November 2011, March 2012), one a Blighted Ovum treated with a D&E, the other was an Ectopic Pregnancy treated with surgery and partial removal of a Fallopian tube. I'm 19, and weigh 180lbs so I am pretty over weight.
My father has RA and his mother had Lupus (unknown about his father only that both my fathers mother and my fathers, father have Factor V) , my mother has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, do not know much about her mothers medical history, died of lung cancer, her fathers history is also unknown. I know a lot of this sounded un-needed but you'd be surprised with me, they figured out I had a spinal pressure issue because they couldn't locate a disk in my eye very well during an eye exam, I have a weird body.

Thanks for any help.. or just taking the time to read all that!
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replied June 2nd, 2013
Tell me you found out what it was I'm.going through the same thing noe I'm 20 at 180 llbs and I work on my feet 50 hours a week I can't be feeling like this
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