my friends partner has had a sudden personality change, he now has come up with these strange beleifs about the world, carries stones around to rattle to keep away the evil. He never use to think like this, he changed over a week, everything has a meaning now. But he worries about the evil,the changes have happened suddenly over a week, is he going mad or could he have a brain tumor or something?
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replied May 20th, 2011
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It is possible that it could be due to a space occupying lesion in the brain, but a more common cause would be that of a psychotic break. This may be caused by a genetic predisposition or to the misuse of certain substances. religious ideology is a common theme in psychotic breaks.

The person should be evaluated by a health care provider, skilled in the psychological disciplines. However, these people rarely feel that they have a problem and they cannot be forced to be evaluated (unless they are an eminent danger to themselves or others).

Good luck.
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