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Sudden onset of pain in back of both arms

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I will randomly have a deep burning pain in the back of my arms and neck. I believe Deltoid and Triceps they are called. The pain also radiates up my neck muscles ( Trapezius?).

It feels after you have been lifting weights and pushed yourself until you can't lift anymore. And the muscles have reached their limits. (no, I'm not lifting weights or any other work out at the time, it just feels like that). I'll be sitting still, reading a book, watching tv, walking, or typing, etc. nothing strenuous at all.

I can't tie it to a specific thing like big meals, particular movements, twisting, running, or anything. No chest pain, just the pain in the arms and necks. It spreads from the shoulders up the neck and down the arms.

It passes after a few minutes. The arms also feel a little like I slept funny and they are asleep, but now real weakness or paralysis. I can squeeze, hold, lift, and move them. They just hurt all of a sudden.

Answers? questions? everyone else still guessing like everyone else I have asked.
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replied June 25th, 2010
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Sounds like inflammation/Nerve pain from the neck area. It can radiate into the arms, hands and etc...muscle spasams can cause the entire general area to tense up and cause pain and tightness..Im going through this now. The cheapest way to determine if it could be a pinched nerve would be a trip to the chiropractor. I would go 2x -3x's a week for a few weeks and get a neck and back adjustment. In the mean time, put some ice packs on these areas to calm it down..If you start feeling better after a week, then its a pinched nerve, if not, see a Orthopedic Dr. and he will have you do an mri..could always be a ruptured disc or degenerative disc disease..Don't be quick to jump into surgery too soon..Try conservative methods first. Hope this helps!
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