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Sudden onset hand pain.

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Two weeks ago I woke up out of sleep with moderate-to-severe pain in my left hand, in the palm area and particularly the thumb and "v". It was so sudden I suspected a spider or scorpion bite, but there were no marks, swelling, or discoloration. I had not injured myself and had been off work for two days and had not experienced anything unusual. No fever or any other symptoms (numbness, tingling, etc)

The pain is constant, not throbbing. Movement is extremely painful, and range of motion in my thumb is very limited, and I am unable to touch my thumb to fingertips or bear any weight on the any part of the hand. When pushing against the fingertips, there is referred pain in my palm.

I applied icepacks every few hours and have been taking regular doses of ibuprofen, as well as wrapping the hand/wrist and immobilizing the thumb. After a week, I called the nurse hotline and was directed to urgent care. The attending doctor ordered x-rays, and said it was not broken, and was not in the right location for carpal tunnel. They made a fiberglass splint that works very well, as long as I keep it wrapped tightly. Any time unsplinted causes ridiculous pain.

I am still icing, taking ibuprofen. The ER doctor referred me to a PCP with a recommendation for an orthopedic exam and rheumatology testing. I do not have a PCP doctor and am unable to find one who will accept a new uninsured patient.

If anyone has any suggestions or guesses about what I can do to resolve this issue on my own, I would very much appreciate any input.

Thank you!
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replied December 27th, 2014
I am experiencing this very thing now with my left hand, but, when the pain happens, my thumb and index finger look like they have been dislocated- so bent out of shape that I cannot move them and the pain is unbearable. I don't think, mine is, carpal tunnel. And I have not hurt my hand in any way. Could someone tell me what other possibilities this can be?
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replied December 10th, 2015
Sudden onset wrist pain
I'm researching sudden onset wrist pain for my boss who is experiencing this and hurts so bad he can barely drive! I don't see any responses to your post of a year ago and was hoping you could shed more light on this since this started a year ago for you. Thank you.
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