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Sudden nausea concerns

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New to the forum & have a question someone might be able to help with! For the past 2 months on 3 different occasions I've had this random sudden onset of feeling very nauseous to the point where I could throw up. I hate doing that Sad so I fight it off by taking a walk & drinking tons of water. The symptoms are first my jaw tingles & then salivating, stomach nausea, sweats, feeling of urgency to throw up. Sorry this is graphic, but it's just so weird!

I have NO fever & feel fine all day leading up to the incident. They always happen in the evenings too, around 5:00pm. I already went to my doctor & she took 7 vials of blood, as well as urine, to do a full work up on me & everything checked out fine. She thought it might be constipation, leading to a toxic atmosphere, etc. I'm fine with that now too, so it can't be that.

I did some checking online last night & saw a correlation between sudden nausea & heart arrhythmias, which I have a history of & have had 2 heart ablations because of them.

Do you think I'm having more heart issues with these new symptoms? It's something I've never experienced before. You should also know that in the last few months my heart has fluttered quite a bit, not like the pain I used to feel or the intensity, but definitely not normal.

Hope someone can help!!!
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