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Sudden Internal spasm like movements inside legs, back, arms

Sudden internal rapid muscle/nerve movement not showing on the outside, 2 weeks later severe burning pain in legs cannot walk without meds for over a year, 15 mo. later lower back pain with nausea, taking heavy pain meds. No dx for this, please see blood disorders post also.

This came on sudden as I was working outside (no lifting)it was as if an electric jolt went thru my body and lasted for over an hour. BP was very high 210/115. Subsided in ER after lying down for 1/2 hr. No dx

Following 2nd wk, burning pain in both lower legs, fell to the ground, ER once lying down it subsides. This continues to present.

15 mo. later severe lower back pain as if something was being pulled out of my back with nausea.

No dx to date, WBC high, meds Hydrocodone, Gabapentin, pain patch, I cannot walk without the meds. Isaac's ruled out, not neuropathy, sciatica or normal arthritis with age, muscle biop, skin biop, nerve conduction done over a year ago Normal. Rheumy ruled out RA not showing in bloodwork, MRI lower back normal, CT normal, Bone density normal, been through numerous tests past 2 yrs. I feel as if something has invaded my body and took over.
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