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Sudden high blood pressure

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My BP has spiked up recently and I wondered if anyone has any advice about other tests, in addition to routine blood tests, I should have to make sure I really have primary HT and not secondary?

I am only 42, and was active until my 30's. I had really low blood pressure until I had gained some weight, had two kids, and stopped exercising regularly. Recently I went in for a physical and the doctor told me I have high blood pressure. (The diagnosis has made me very anxious, which can't be good for my pressure!) My readings were in the 145-160/90-110 range for a couple of weeks, instead of the 120/80's or so they had been for a few years. I have noticed some hormone shifts and my doctor had put me back on birth control pills last year to control excess bleeding. I have also lost 20 pounds over the last year and a half (almost down to where I should be), just cut out cola entirely, and I was starting to exercise a little more this summer. I generally thought I was feeling better, so I was surprised at the high BP! The doctor did not suggest I stop the BC pills, but put me on a amlodipine to get my pressure down. (It has not gone down much yet, but I've only been taking it a week. The symptoms have not been fun, so I hope I really have to take it!) I know BC pills can cause higher BP, and have heard that the pills are not a replacement for natural estrogen. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
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replied July 18th, 2008
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Have you been done a lipid profile and thyroid hormone status?

These tests, along with urinalysis (tests to measure kidney function) and electrocardiogram, to determine whether there is any damage to the heart, in most of the cases, will gives the physician the right picture for the cause of patient's high blood pressure.
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