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Sudden ED accompanied by groin pain

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About 6-8 weeks ago, I lost my erection in the middle of sex for the first time and could not get it back. Since then I've had moderate to intense pain in the groin area constantly, and have not been able to get erections most of the time. I don't even have them when I wake up.

I thought I had a hernia, so I went to urgent care and they sent me to the ER thinking I had appendicitis, because it hurt when he pressed my abdomen. I've seen a urologist and he gave me a sample of cialis, which fixed my erectile problems, but the pain persisted. He said since the cialis worked, I should just keep taking it. I can't afford it, though, and I feel like there is a real issue inside me causing these problems.

I've had a CT scan, ultrasounds of my testicles and kidneys, and testosterone levels checked, and they say everything looks fine. What could be causing me pain down there and interfering with my erectile function? Any help is appreciated.
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