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Sudden development of severe reactive hypoglycemia

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Hello everyone,

I suddenly (or so it seemed) developed severe reactive hypoglycemia a few months ago, and it's HORRIBLE! I've always run a moderately low to average blood sugar all my life, with or without carbs or sugar, but nothing severely reactive like this! I've never had any eating problem like this before!! Desperate!!!

Just now joined this site in desperation as I'm coming out of a whole awful day of extreme exhaustion and sick, unrestful sleep (WAY too much) - my skin (esp. lips, forehead, hands and feet) still tingling, still weak, very foggy-brained.

Last night and today, I had stupidly let myself become so very frustrated after weeks of having to eat an extremely limited diet of ONLY proteins (meats, some beans), fats, and complex carbohydrates (green/yellow vegetables of all kinds) that I defiantly consumed my *usual* diet of just a few months ago, which includes a modest amount of oatmeal (Scottish like me), potatoes, rice, and fish breaded in gluten-free breading (rice-, potato-, or corn[maize]-starch). Unbreaded fish doesn't cause me a severe reaction in my present condition. And during this time, I've been more and more miserable as I ate the foods I have always eaten before with no problems at all, and then it all seemed to hit me like a wrecking ball and I fell into bed exhausted and was soon unconscious...for hours.

This wretched condition - which the doctors only say must be "sudden-onset reactive hypoglycemia" - developed almost overnight during a long allergy season and intense therapy for it: months of loratadine, diphenhydramine and other antihistamines, high doses of l-methionine and B6, as well as round of antifungal meds (fluconazole), since I was apparently allergic to the extreme outdoor molds as well as pollens this year - also one steroid shot (Kenalog) during this time.

The cruel irony is that when I was recently tested extensively in the biggest allergy clinic in this area - broad range allergy tests for EVERY ALLERGEN - it turned out that I didn't show signs of any severe allergy at all!!! Just very high histamine in my blood without a detectable cause! I was devastated that they didn’t find the root of my problem!

I've already had every major medical test - extensive blood tests - full general blood panel, thyroid (4 types of tests), HIV(!!), IgE and other allergy indicators, plus MRIs, CAT scans, full abdominal ultrasounds, urinanalyses, etc., etc., etc. - and EVERYTHING comes back as normal!!! I'm still waiting on the most recent test for adrenal fatigue. Ironically, their not finding anything wrong is filling me with despair.

Yet despite all this, I've been having horrific hypoglycemic attacks following the consumption of ANY simple carbohydrates (which NEVER bothered me before this year) - rice, potatoes, corn [maize] (though always had sensitivity to gluten and all dairy and avoid them) - just the slightest bit of sugar makes me terribly irritable, soon collapsing into weakness and sick, unrestful sleep!

I can only function on a diet of pure unseasoned meats and green/yellow vegetables - even the sweetness of fruit makes me feel tired and weak. I used to eat a small baked potato every day (to maintain my potassium and I love potato), but I can't even have a few bites of a potato now without a terrible attack.

The scariest part of this, I guess, is that I've lost 40 lbs (18 km, 3 stone) in just 6 months without needing or trying to! I look like a victim of anorexia and my trousers just fall off me now unless I cinch my belt very tight. NOT my idea of a good weight loss plan!!! I'm truly worried.

I apologize for my hysteria - but fact is, I do feel quite panicky.

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replied August 3rd, 2018
Hello! I think I’m having the same problem as you are! I’m a 25 year old female and this came out of NOWHERE. This started happening to me last month, anytime I ate big meals quickly, but now even if I eat a small meal slowly, sometimes a reaction still happens! I get very jittery, my heart pounds, and my temples in my head throb and if I don’t immediately drink water and lay down, I feel like I may pass out. No thyroid issue and I’m not diabetic. Did you ever figure out what was wrong?

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