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Sudden change in monthly cycle

I am married couple of years back. I used to have regular periods [29 day or 30day]
I had my last period on jan 10 on feb 8th I had a spotting but after some time i didn't find anything other than that i thougth that would be start of period but it wasn't so i took home pregnancy test on feb 10, feb 12 & feb 16 all where negative.
SO finally went for the blood test as soon as I returned home I felt like my period has started[but its not heavy i feel its less than my normal period]
Could you please advise me why is this so?
Why a change in my monthly cycle all on a sudden.
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replied February 16th, 2010
there are many things that could cause this to happen. Two of the most common things are stress and hormonal imbalance. that light spotting could have been your period but from the possibility of stress or a hormonal imbalance could have just made it shorter. Are you on any type of Birth control at all? If so when did you start or stop it? Sometimes starting or stoping birth control can cause a change in the menstrual flow or cycle altogether. If by next month things have not regulated out then take another test and if that is neg. then i would talk to your doctor about it. Good Luck to you.
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