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sudden brown spots on face and something on my scalp

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About a month ago 3 brown spots suddenly appeared on the side of my face. My skin breaks open very easily and it hurts sometimes after I gently wash it. I've had these extremely dry spots around my mouth that are sensitive and break open when I wash or rub it.
I had a haircut 2 weeks ago and my hairdresser said there was a raised spot on my scalp that was light brown.
Also, my skin has all of a sudden became very sensitive and dry and now my eyes have prominent wrinkles underneath.
What could possibly make this happen so quickly?
Please help me.
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replied February 7th, 2011
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Hi kinsy2323 and welcome to ehealth: The only way that you can find out what this is would be by seeing a Dermatologist....Since your hairdresser has called this to your attention, I would check it out.....Take care...

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