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Sudden blurry vision in one eye in the morning

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After a nap,in the morning,i had blurry vision.It happened out of nowhere.I waited a little and went to the computer to see.I couldn't see anything written on it.After about 15 minutes it started to clear,but it was still blurry when i was looking with only my right eye.It has been going on for about 4 months.I can see clearly with both my eyes.There are also brown floaters in that eye and they won't go away.Also,I can see almost perfectly in the morning.

And something else.I put on my classmates glasses and i saw perfectly with that eye.He has had eye problems for a few months.Later, I accidentaly put on my uncles glasses.I saw perfectly with them too with my right eye but my left eye was blurry because of the glasses.My uncle has had eye problems since his birth.
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