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sudden anger bursts, extreme violent thoughts, high sexual urges

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i am a 25 year old male and i am having these problems like not feeling life worth its like i am dead i dont feel anything at all and there are these sudden surges of anger on very little problems like when i see someone mistreating or patronizing someone or sometimes no problems at all n i have to control myself from snapping someones neck or harm that person by beating it... it doesnt matter how close to that person i am.. i just cant stop these thoughts in my mind when i am angry that i am hitting that person and breaking that person bones... and when the anger fades away then i feel guilty. i have never been a bully in my life but yes i have been bullied alot. i have a girlfriend and we get physical whenever we get a chance but i still cant stop my sexual urges. i have never harmed anyone in my life.i have never broken a law in fact i am not much of a fighter. i dont sleep at night at all.. i am always on alert always keep things with me which i can use as a weapon to disable the attacker even though i know that when i am at home and doors are locked no one can come..
kindly advice
thanks in advance
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replied June 21st, 2013
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Hi Mike. Good for you that you are a person who does not hurt another - just remember that your actions are ultimately what counts. I'm not a doctor or an expert, but I've seen that sometimes when a person is bullied a lot his strong feelings can becomes twisted inside him and it can express itself as disturbing thoughts. I would encourage you to see a therapist and a psychologist that can help you with your thoughts and feelings. Also talk to the doctor about your fear and not getting sleep. Not having sleep can be devastating to a person's mind and body. People have gone through this and have recovered and managed well. You can too. You may want to search the forums to find people with similar experiences. I wish you the best.
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