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Sudden acid reflux ?

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Hello, I am a 28 year old active female who suddenly developed acid reflux symptoms in August of this year. I do not smoke, drink, or do any drugs - take a multivitamin and do 1 hour of cardio per night and strength training twice a week. I am not overweight - 5foot 6 and 130lbs.
I started a new job (it is not stressful) in August and I first noticed a throat irritation like an oncoming cold, then pain in the chest that was annoying enough that I had to stop running (not occuring because of running, just extra annoying to someone breathing in deeply). I was told to take prilosec - which didn't work, then protonix - which also didn't work. I was then given Kapidex which works occasionally. Some days I would feel great, and others it would feel like I had strep throat. I had an Upper GI endoscopy in November, a biopsy was taken and found negative for H. pylori and the only thing found was some minor irritation at the lower end of my stomach. My normal symptoms are mucus in the throat, lump in the throat, throat burning, burping, and upper chest pain. Sleeping position has no impact on any of the symptoms, which actually seem to get better at night. Exercise can make the symptoms worse, but some days I have no symptoms while exercising at all. For example, over Thanksgiving I went to the Smoky Mountains and hiked over 30 miles, did Mt Lecant and Rocky Top Mountain with no symptoms at all - and these were strenous hikes, one lasting over 7 hours.
Recenly I have had horrible gas, bloating and burping so I stopped taking the Kapidex and those symptoms went away. I am currently taking no medication, I have changed my diet compleatly thinking it may be a food allergy. I have cut out milk, sugar, garlic and any large meals, and added a ginger pill in the morning which seems to have helped. I essentually eat the same thing every day, trying to narrow anything down. Some days I have horrible acid reflux, and others I have no symptoms. Today I got a pill stuck in my throat!
I have a follow up appointment in Jan with my Gastro doctor. Is there anything I can ask that can help find out what is wrong with me? What should I discuss with the doctor? What treatment options do I have? Is it really acid reflux? Is it caused by environment, allergy, etc? Please help me with finding the right things to ask my doctor.
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First Helper merddie

replied January 10th, 2010
Same Problems
I am a 26 year old female and am having the same problems! I too would like to know the answer.
My problems started in September. I got to work and started feeling Nauseous, I then started getting severe upper stomach pain.
It got better for awhile, but then all of the sudden got worse and now I am waking up in the middle of the night from heartburn. I too am very active and healthy. It just doesn't make sense how I can just one morning wake up with acid reflux!
I went to the Gastro Doctor a week ago and will have a follow up appointment with him this next week. I have tried Nexium, prilosec and a few other and none of them seem to be working.

I have also changed my diet, but am having a hard time finding foods that help. What types of food have been working for you?
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replied January 17th, 2010
Your symptoms sound so similar to mine...... My frustration is that all the info in my research always relates these problems with being overweight, but I have never been. I am 48.... when this all started last August, I was 47 yrs. old, 5'6'' and 128 pounds. My horrible experience with Prilosec and then Kapidex convinced me I had to try something other than meds. I would still have a horrible sore throat.... was drinking liquid tylenol just to take the edge off so I could sleep, and the abdominal pains were so bad I thought it could be gall bladder problems. The doc ruled that out, but seemed to know less about this than I did. A nurse friend of mine thinks I'm probably allergic to the PPI medicines.

The thing that has worked the best for me is the program, "Great Taste, No Pain." You can google it.... The program is basically learning how to eat foods in proper combinations so your stomach doesn't have to produce so much acid to digest properly. It's helped a lot, but I've lost 17 pounds...... something that I didn't need to do. I've gone down 2 sizes, had to buy clothes (I know, some people think it's dumb I should complain) but I can't really afford a totally new wardrobe, and in my 40's, this much weight loss just makes me look older. I've been a health conscious eater for 15 years and had been incorporating habits like drinking plenty of water, using whole grains, raw honey, organic dairy products, etc. so having this problem was such a shock.

My husband has found some research linking estrogen loss to reflux issues, but since both of you are in your 20's, I can't see that being the problem. I'm planning to have my hormone levels checked, all the same.....

So, if ANYONE has learned of anything else that is an answer, I'd love to hear it
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