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Sub dural hematoma deteriorating symptoms, 68 yrs old

My mother aged 68 years faced with a small injury on head. She was OK for almost 10 days and later it is observed that the right had and speech were partially dysfunctional. We rushed her to hospital thinking that it was paralytic stroke. On undergoing MRI & CT Scan , it was reported by the team of doctors that there was mild subdural hematoma. As she had been diabetic, hypertensive and mild enlargement of heart. She had been under insulin administration (Mixtard Human Insulin 30/70 20 units morning and 18 units in the evening ) She was taking the drugs Metoprolol 50 mg, Ecospirin 75 mg, Atorvastatin 10 mg. Doctors waited for 6 days as she was taking blood thinners. CT reported mild recovery of the hematoma but there was neurological collapse, Seizures and almost somewhat unconscious. At this moment, she was performed Bur hole surgery. she was treated in ICU for 30 days with anticonvulsants, antibiotics etc. After discharge she developed UTI and was kept under hi end antibiotics" Tigicycline" two infusions a day for seven days. Ever since the surgery was performed , she is mostly drowsy, Violent fluctuations in Sugar levels . Even after giving 22 units of human insulin , a small glass of milk makes the sugar levels to almost 400. Occasionally, the BP is escalating to 190/110.There has been almost 90% dysfunction of right limbs and speech. No energy to even move and take food. There have been deteriorating symptoms. Please guide me medically what further treatment can be offered . Is there any hope of survival. Kindly post me medical opinion as I am clueless at present.
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