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Stuck in a Rut i just feel like i'm missing that spark

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23 single female and for awhile now I haven't been sure what direction to go into life, over the past year ive lost touch with my friends, we've gone in different directions and have different priorities. I recently left home in a quest to gain my independence and do my own thing to better myself but i just feel soo alone now...I mean i have my work and about to graduate school but i don't know i just feel like im missing that spark I use to have I'm not really excited about anything much anymore, and kinda feel like when is my life really going to start... I'm not actively dating anyone and it took me nearly 2 years to get over my ex, I think that it took alot out of me but im finally in a place where I can move just not sure about how to go about or throw myself into a position where I can meet new ppl and start the next chapter so that's pretty much where im at...stuck and i really don't know where to turn too, i have no one to turn to for advice or even willing to listen and thinking about it myself just makes me more upset because i want more and i want to be happy I just don't know what to do...
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replied November 10th, 2011
i'm 18 and i'm also suffering from a rut.
i've recently left 6th form and was meant to go to university, i found myself unable to communicate or concentrate on anything around me, which is very unlike me as i've always been a very happy individual. i anaylse everything i say because i'm scared i'm not acting myself, craszy aaye? i also had a long term relationship which was long distance and i feel that sort of took it out of me too.
i'm searching and searching on here for ideas to solve the problem when really i know it's within myself and i have no certain answer.
i think we both need to look for new hobbies, and interests, even though i just don't feel interested in doing anything, again unlike me as i've always been very outgoing. when we get happy within ourselves everything will fit into place i'm sure, it's just doing that which is the difficult part.
i've drifted away from all my friends as they are at university, and i have a lot of friends who are still at home, but i don't want to see them until i feel 'myself', so it's a catch 22 really
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