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Strong odor after period

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Hello there. I'm sixteen years old and I have noticed that right after my period is over, I have an extremely foul odor coming from my vagina. The smell is so bad that I can smell it through my clothes. Is this normal?
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replied May 8th, 2010
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Teengurl, no it is not normal. It is normally a sign of a bacterial infection like bacterial vaginosis (BV). See a doctor to have it taken care of. It normally takes a dose of very specific antibiotics.

If you are sexually active, remember to use condoms. With every different boy you allow to ejaculate inside you, your risk increases. Also make sure you only use a very mild unscented soap on your vulva, wipe from the front to the back on the toilet to keep anal bacteria out of your vagina, do not use scented pads or tampons, do not douche.

Best of luck!
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