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Stroke, stress, or what?

Stroke, Stress, or what?

Hi new to this forum but I was wondering about an illness or something I had about ten years ago, got over it, and still dont know what happened to this day?

About ten years ago I was in perfect condition and then I got this headache that became worse with each day. Trying to be a tough !**@! I shrugged it off,lol. All my pals said it was a migraine. I did have A lot of stress at the time.

I had it for 2 weeks or more until it got to be to much. It moved everywhere in my head. My eyes, my nose, the back, the front!

I went in and they gave me a shot did the scans and found no problems?? But for the next year I head a heavy hurting in my chest like my heart was gonna pop. My bones were sore. It hurt when I walked. I lost strength and power! I was too scared to go the doctor.

It took me a year and a half to get over this! I don't know what happened to this day?
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replied April 9th, 2012
Also about a month later I noticed I had Raynauds Phenomenon, whichI still have to this day.
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