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Stroke : Recovery - How long generally?


A friend of mine who in late 50’s had a stroke in early July 2012.

At first he was paralysed down one side. Though now he can speak ok, and walk (not as good as before though).

However, the main concern is his arm. He can raise it slightly half way up, but no grip at all. There hasn’t been much improvement in the arm over the last 3 weeks
I know a difficult question to get an answer too (as in early stages). Though how long on average does it take to start getting use of your arm back (if at all), after a stroke. His GP very vague said could take a year?

Is there a point after time where you don’t see much more improvement?

My friend is assuming that it will automatically come back in time. I am starting to think that he may not recover much more & maybe have to accept that there is a strong chance he might not recover any more from this point? This would mean he would have to retire from work etc.

Any advice be grateful
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replied November 1st, 2012

I had my brain bleed in Jan 2011, I had blood clots which resulted in a stroke and I also had brain surgery. My righthand side was affected which was also my dominent side.
I can do more with my right hand and arm now although it has taken a long time. It is so easy and quicker to use my left hand, but by me keeping using my right hand i'm sure it helps. I can hold a cup in my right hand and carry it without spilling it although it did take 18 months to be able to do it. If he keeps on using his affected hand and arm it does get easier but it does take a long time.
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