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stroke like symptoms but no stroke

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my grandma is having stroke symptoms she cannot respond and can only communicate through squeezing of the hand and blinking, she cannot talk, shes in the hospital but the CT came back negative for a stroke and its not a TMI (i think thats whats its called, but if not im talking about a mini stroke that ends up fixing itself in 24 hours) shes on cumadine as well (im sure i spelled it wrong but im speaking of the blood thinner) so her clotting is horrrible and almost impossible for a stroke im guessing, but they havnt done MRI yet which as you know shows more than a CT, shes not dehydrated her electrolights are fine (her labs show this) she is also on an all liquid diet (she refused the PEG tube) she takes her meds with icecream (breaks up the pills and puts it in the icecream) please HELP i want to know whats wrong they havnt found it yet, if you guys could give me a email it would be greatly appreciated

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replied March 10th, 2012
Have the drs considered hemiplegic migraine? You do not always feel typical migraine symptoms such as head pain, I get left sided paralysis and i look just like i had a major stroke (not a migraine), unfotunately there is no cure. some migraine meds may help but i have absolutely no relief. It has been over five years for me and i have no life and am only 39 yrs old. I hope your grandmother feels better soon but your patience and love is what she needs because trust me it is very scary.
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