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Stressful feeling after bad dream

I shot out of bed one night after having a nightmare and the feeling i had for about 45 minutes afterwards was unreal. I felt like part of my mind was still in the stressful dream while the other half was trying to work out why i was feeling like this because i knew i was awake. It was the worse feeling ever and very hard to explain exactly. the wierd feeling started fading eventually and after about an hour i was able to lie down and go back to sleep. when i woke up the next morning i was quite agitated not knowing what had happened or why as I had never experienced anything as scarey as that before in my life. as a few days went on i just put it down to really bad dream and that i had woke up so suddenly half my brain must've still been asleep and hoped that would be the end of it. Until last night I had another stressful dream and the same thing happened. I couldn't believe it had happened again and I just kept telling myself it would be ok. again it took a while to fade away but everytime i tried to go back to sleep my mind kept spinning and going into the wierd feeling again. it is very hard to describe the exact feeling but it was a mixture of surreal, scarey, stressful and panicky. Now that i have had it twice in 6 weeks whereas I never had it before i am really scared that it is a sign of a serious health issue. Can someone help me pinpoint what could be causing this or how to stop it please.
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replied July 5th, 2012
hello well i have that same ishu i just woke up with a bad dream and wana go online to check the same problem i dont know im so shtressed because of this and im only 22 years old and this happend to me everytime i sleep alone when i sleep with my wife its just normal sleep but when im alone its crazy scary in my dreams , i dont know this is not normal i know this for sure and it will not stop,
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