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Stress sufferer: Can't decide whether to end my relationship

Hi, I am in absolute turmoil at the moment as I have felt for a long time that something is not quite right or missing in my 18 mth relationship. I am female and 33 years old. We currently live together in rented accomodation but are not married and do not have children. I wish it were as simple as just ending it, but I feel like i don't trust my own mind and keep having thoughts like, 'maybe im just expecting too much' and 'what if im just being unrealistic and wanting something perfect'? I just cant decide if the things that are bothering me about my partner are justified or not. I feel like im going nuts as I just cant decide what to do. On top of all this, I suffer badly with stress and mild depression, have very low self esteem and confidence at the moment and feel like i cant handle breaking up as I would just torture myself about it. I also have a fear or ending it and then regretting it later down the line when im sat on my own feeling lonely, which would then aggravate my stress levels significantly. Please help, I need some advice asap.
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First Helper naughtykitty

replied August 16th, 2011
I understand a bit of what you are feeling. Maybe it'd help if you clarify what exactly you feel is missing in your relationship? Then you can see whether it is something you or him can work at or if it is something that cannot be changed.
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