I have protected sex with bf on 27th June to 29th June. We adopted withdrawal method, so ejaculation was outside. My Period is on 21st June to 27th June.
There is a thin strand on blood on 29th June. On 2nd July, my breast was swollen and painful. My gastric also starts to become pain and feel nausea. I was on contraceptive on 8th May but stopped. Will I be pregnant? Or is it stress that causes these symptoms?

I am expecting my next period to be on 21st July. Currently still feel gastric tight and bloated.
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replied July 13th, 2010
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First off, 'protected' sex means you used birth control. The pull out method is not birth control, it is 'winging it'.

If your period started on June 21st, your estimated date of ovulation would be approximately July 5th. Your next expected period would likely be 4 weeks from the first day of your last period (give or take a few days), which would put your period at July 19th.

The nausea you feel could not be related to pregnancy since it began before your body would even know it was pregnant (10-14 days after conception).
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