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Stress induced Anorexia Lost 20 pounds in last 3 months

I'm so scared. Everyday I feel alone,terrified and depressed. I take vyvance 30 mg,lexapro 10 mg and clonazepam 1 mg.I have been on these drugs for 2 years. I work at a lab and I do my own lab work. I have lymphocytosis and many reactive lymphocytes. I have trace ketones in my urine and my liver enzymes are very low ( although I don't know of any disease associated with low liver enzymes). I am diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, anxiety disorder, depression.I have frequent sleep paralysis. The anorexia started about 3 months ago. I'm not hungry ever. I have to force myself to eat. I try to supplement with ensure, protein shakes , vitamins and I try to eat solid food once a day. I don't always succeed. I am 5.4 and 110. My mom abandoned me in a rehab when i was 15. She left me there. I was eventually emancipated by age 16. The guy my mom left me for is in prison for molesting children. I was molested several times by different people never raped. I found two different roommates dead in our apt. One died in a fire one overdosed. I do not do drugs or drink alcohol. I smoke cigarettes. The anorexia got bad when I started to study for the MCAT 3 months ago I am currently taking full time classes and I have a part time job (I work nights).My boyfriend left me today. I've lost a lot of friends because I study and work allot and I can't hang out. I wake up and cry every day.I have not eaten in the last 24 + hours. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I'm looseing more weight. The scariest part is that I'm starting not to care and I can't feel this alone anymore. Please Help.
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replied October 2nd, 2010
Dear ash2smee,
You have had enough stress in your life to last 2 do need help......
Go to your local GP and start the ball rolling towards
speaking to the right people.
Your eating disorder is the final straw that broke the camels back so-to-speak.
I feel for you and hope you can find/surround yourself with some helpful, caring, loving people as this is the only way to heal from all the trauma you have gone thru.
You seem to want to 'fight' hard to be a great person
but are pulled down by the people closest to you.
Maybe you need to 'take-time-out' and just love and heal
yourself a little.
Maybe look for a good wholesome friend. relative who you could spend a bit of time with to just re-establish
a 'solid' ground on which to jump into what you want to
do. Losing friends because you don't 'hang-out' alot...hmmm well where does study and work get you?
A Future, goals, planning for better things.
Where does too much hanging out get you? No-where.
Your a strong person....use that strength to climb
over these hurdles and go towards better things....
you will look back and be so proud of yourself.....
and food is the bodies 'fuel' ...with out it...well
it won't help your health in any way by not eating.
Take time to relax, find good people.....
things will turn around.
May all your dreams come true.
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replied May 25th, 2013
I started college in January and since then I've been ridiculously stressed. I'm on meds for stress and it helps, but the big problem is that I've lost a lot of weight. I've always been thin, but now I look anorexic. I can't pick up weight and my stomach hurts every day. I can hardly do anything because I feel sick really quickly, either stomach pain or shortness of breath. I went for an endoscopy and they said all is normal, I just desperately need to pick up weight. Any tips? My parents think I want attention and thats why I'm losing weight, but they don't understand that I'm actually in pain. Funny thing is, I don't skip meals, I eat more than most of my friends do and my hair is falling out and I weigh 49kg's which isn't normal as I am 1.74m in height. Please give me advice, anyone?
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