I’m 28 I’m having my first baby after two abortions I’m in a relationship with some one who doesn’t really understand me I’m not even sure how or why we got together I’ve done everything I can to build a better connection but still I can’t seem to get anywhere. All I want is for him to pay more attention and be more attentive during the critical time for me everytime we fight he flips the convo am makes everything about him and how he should be treated instead of understanding what I’m going through right now I’m really sad and feeling very defeat. I feel like lm making the biggest mistake of life by being with him. I want to be happy during my pregnancy but it’s really hard to find the bright side in this situation. Why do I have to beg for someone to treat me the way I should
Be treated this is same person who says they love you.....
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replied May 28th, 2018
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Hi Mis28, so sorry you are in a tough situation. This guy seems to be really into self. I bet he does not have many friends. Getting into fights is not going to improve the situation, nor can you expect much change in his behavior. Do you have it in you to cater to his demands? That might make the situation less stressful. Do you have job/ family/ friends who will help reinforce your self image? The way things are going it is hard to imagine a lifelong relationship developing here.
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