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Stress causing ulcers and hemeroids ?

My body is falling apart. I'm only 26 years old and it seems like I'm having a lot of problems associated with someone older. I'm in good shape, 6'4" and 215lbs. It seems like all my symptoms are stress related, but I don't know if it's just stress. I have had ulcers on and off for the past couple months about 2 - 3 times a week. I have had a bad case of what I think is hemeroids. Painful and bloody(red) poops. They have been green off and on as well(don't know if that helps). And for the past couple weeks I have been having numbness in my left arm. Just minor tingling, never extremely numb. Are these problems associated because of stress or something else? Or am I just having bad luck and getting all these random problems? Thanks for your help!
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replied April 20th, 2009
yeah, stress can totally do that
You can really do things to yourself with anxiety. Nerves, hemorroids, stomach issues that mimic gall bladder problems, IBS, it is all about anxiety in my mind. I am having trouble with a nerve in my perineum, really very incomfortable, and THAT feels like a hemorroid... I am a believer in the way you can really affect your body with your issues. Noone is ever going to tell you that therapy is good for your health because people like to think that one does not affect the other.
Really sorry, sometimes these symptoms are very very scary, but you have nothing that I've never had and not gotten rid of by trying to relax certain parts of my body. When you do that, sometimes you see a problem travel around alot. wherever you are holding the stress, you are going to feel things.

I am now taking an antianxiety medication for nerve pains I would have in my hands and feet. It was - well, I have been going through tons of intertwined things in my ife that are really powerful, and I have to find better coping mechanisms than hurting myself.

I think you are really young to have these problems, but I did really as long as I can remember, now they have names for these problems - people are more likely to understand now. Really sorry, but the more I do my own research, the more I really think that you gotta know yourself and where you store all sorts of emotional things in your body. It's pretty involuntary, and human to do that, but it really works against you.

Try to stay calm and just wrk through your feelings while you have these problems, and if you need some medication, don't feel bad, sometimes this stuff is just too powerful at times... really!
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replied April 21st, 2009
Ulcer can be caused by stress, I have had two flare ups thanks to my anxiety. Not sure about the hemeriods but I would speak with a doctor. Besides drugs, a doctor can refer you to a physcologist to learn how to cope and what you can do to relax your stress level.
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