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stress causing gastric reflux to return?

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A few months ago I began to get slight nausea in the mornings with intermittent headache with pain mostly in the left frontal sinus area. I had a CT of the sinuses which showed sinus infection. It was treated with antibiotics and nasal washes and was shown to be healed after a follow-up CT 6 weeks later. Unfortunately I still had the morning nausea so I went to an ENT specialist and after examining my nose and throat passages found that I had acid reflux in my throat. I was prescribed Nexium for the problem which quickly settled the problem and weaned myself off the Nexium. Just recently I developed sensitiviy in one of my left upper back molars which on dental x-ray revealed inflammation from the infected tooth. The dentist said he would attempt a root canal in a week and prescribed antibiotics. When he attempted the root canal the tooth was too badly damaged and as a result I have to have the tooth extracted by a dental surgeon on the 11th of October. The tooth root has been removed as it was dead and the tooth has been filled with anti-inflammatory material until I have it extracted. There is no discomfort now and I am hoping that when the tooth is pulled that perhaps I will feel better. I am wondering whether the stress I am suffering from the tooth infection is causing gastric reflux to return. Should I start taking the Nexium again to see if it settles as I am unsure of what side effects it will cause. I am currently trialling Iberogast (just started yesterday 26th Sept) and hopefully will see some improvement in a few days. Can anyone tell me if they have been through a similar situation. Fortunately the nausea now subsides as the day progresses and I don't have headaches as much. I am now on Atacand for recently diagnosed hypertension and my blood pressure has improved considerably. I am staying positive, exercising regularly and would appreciate any good advice regarding this problem. Mad Mad
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replied September 27th, 2012
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Hi Inabind,

There is a strong possibility your sinus problems and GERD are interconnected.

A research paper published in 2010 entitled "Gastroesophageal reflux disease and chronic sinusitis: in search of an esophageal-nasal reflex" concluded:
"These results support the possibility that a neural reflex exists between the esophagus and the paranasal sinuses via the vagus nerve. If indeed present, the reflex-mediated rhinitis derived from this neuropathic inflammation may contribute to the development of CRS in patients with GER. Further study is required to define the relationship between GER and CRS."

Sorry, this site doesn't like me posting links.

Chris Robinson (chairman Barrett's Wessex UK)
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