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stress and schizophrenia

does anyone feel stressed by the thought of being stressed?! Also, does anyone have any good coping stategies, especially with PMT. I feel really disorganised and pace the house when i am stressed and when i have PMT. I cant settle... i was diagnosed with schizophrenia 6 years ago which i dont know if this factors into it...
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replied July 6th, 2010
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It's actually quite sane to be stressed about anything bad and real. Being stressed about being stressed is very stressfully stressful.

I don't like it when people fight their stress though, as if the stress were the problem, it can feel good but is not correct, a bad world is stressful, fix it or be stressed, you'd be surprised to know just how unhealthy it can be to not be stressed in a stressful world.

Now is the time to be stressed, worried, depressed, and such things, and you'll find that the more you know the more these things will happen but its only right, and the only way to treat it is to at the very least attempt to not be a part of the problem, it's the only way.

Are you a part of the very thing thats making you stressed?

Do unto others I suppose.
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