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Stress and my partners snoring

How do I sleep with someone that snores? I am a fairly light sleeper and my girlfriend snores almost every night all night. I wake up on average 4-5 times per night and have trouble getting back to sleep. It is a strain on the relationship as well as my health. I have been sick lately and lost my job due to stress and exhaustion.

I did work a lot and odd hours which I have been doing for the past three years without a problem until I moved in with her. I would be exhausted and couldn't even sleep because of the snoring. I ended up becoming really short with people, light headed, dizzy, followed by anxiety and numbness around my mouth and hands due to stress and panic attacks (according to my doctor). They have run blood test, urine test and a CT scan and all are normal.

I am worried that I am putting my health at risk for our relationship or if it may have been my job...

I have not been working for months now and still wake up exhausted even though I am not working.
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replied November 7th, 2013
I got three possible suggestions for you: first, have your girlfriend visit a doctor to see how severe is her snoring problem. second, maybe you can use earplugs when you are sleeping beside her. Trust me it works. And lastly, you may slepp on a separate room especially if you need some sleep. Take these options into consideration and talk with your girlfriend about them.

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