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Stress and epilepsy symptoms?

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I am a 28year old female, i work in a very busy histology lab in a district general hospital. Recently i have been getting similar headaches and feelings i.e dizzyness and general feelings of that i cant keep myself upright, that i may have to lie flat on the floor. (which isn't ideal at work? giggle )
i had been on epillum (only for 6 weeks at the most) and then transfered to keppra and this has all happend oct 08 till jan 09.
Im not sure if this is till just part of transfering from medication to another one? i just was really concerned because im starting to feel like i did before the 2nd seizure? has anyone had this before?
can anyone shed any light on it? i would say im under more stress at the moment than i have been in the past (selling my house, being short staffed at work and just normal worries)
Thank you for listening
take care abi
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replied January 25th, 2009
stress is major for epilepsy
Hi abi, I have epilepsy and am also 28. I have felt that way too lately, and have been under alot of stress. My neuro said that I needed to be careful and I had to start taking more meds. One more pill to be exact. talk to your neuro if you don't get to feeling better soon. Also your cycle can play a role, i know for me it does. Hormones can blow the seizures out of wack. Take care.
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replied January 26th, 2009
hey thanks for advice,its just kinda nice hearing from some one who knows what im talking about. Hope your feeling better.
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replied February 28th, 2009
epilepsy & stress
I'm a bit older than you but have been going through the same thing. Actually laid down on the floor in my sons room the other day. Thankfully they thought it was fun for Mom to be laying there. I have been under significant stress lately so think it is definitely related. Trying some breathing techniques (deep belly breathing) to help relax and getting more sleep. Good luck to you!!!
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replied March 3rd, 2009
stress attacks & epilepsy
Hi can anyone help i am at my wits end my daughter nicola is 28 and had brain tumour at age 9 has suffered with epilepsy since has had radiothearpy but she did nvg in child care met a lovley bloke got there own place but things have gone from bad to worse we are not really sure why or when it started but she dosent work now rarely goes out but if she does she drinks to much and constantly wants to be with me goes into what i can only descibe as some attack that until shes back with me goes on and on her boyfriend is ats his wits end and all our lives are on hold does anyone out there heard of anything like this help hannah
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