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Stress and coping by bloodletting trigger warning

Am i the only one that does this? I feel so alone with this, is there any advice that can be given pls?

because Blood letting is very rare its my understanding it is difficult to treat mentally so as to reduce the amounts of times i do bloodlet.

i feel lost and this is the first time ive spoken about it in this way and very scared but im going to post now otherwise i dont think i will

ty for taking the time to read my post x
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replied April 18th, 2018
Hi ov3rh3at1 I'm sorry you do this too, it is very isolating as no one really does it and I don't tell my friends suffering with other mh issues incase I give them ideas. This has basically ruined the past 4years of my life, I now have mild heart failure and I've had so many transfusions I stopped counting agesss ago. Have you managed to stop the bloodletting? I stop and then start, I stopped it for most of 2016 then fell bard I to it in 2017 to the point I spent 4 months in a psyc unit to keep me alive. Ed will no longer transfuse me, this illness is the devil, I wish I'd never fallen I to it
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