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Stress and Anexity Symptoms??

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I have had these symptoms for that last 6 weeks or so, and its really annoying me.
I wake up every morning feeling very sick, throwing up about 2 times a week in the morning and have diherreh every morning also, with occasional stomach cramps through the day. THis is very annoying, however the worst part is my throat, which is constantly sore and i have a constant feeling of 'lump in the throat' its very horrible. When the lump dies down it seems that my mouth creates extra im constantly swallowing to either attempt to swallow the lump feeling or get rid of the salavia. I must have a normal sore throat ontop of the lump as throwing up and swallowing all the time cant be good for me.
I have had all bloodtests and stool samples done that they have come back healthy.
If this is down to stress or anexiety then i dont have a clue what i would be stressed about, which is very odd to me as life is not bad at the moment.
I am taking domperidone to attempt to stop the sickness, throat sweets and other home remedies to try and help my throat which just dont help at all, any suggestions or tips or even just telling me whats the cause will be great help.
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