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strep b, high risk HPV. Resuming normal pap results

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I was diagnosed with HSV 2 last year (september). I am married and my husband has HSV 2 also, he was unaware he had it.

i had one painful outbreak, the remaining 3 breakouts were less frequent and less obvious. All in all i am ok :)

3 years ago I was told Strep B was found in my swab - but in my recent swab, it was not found - how can that be? They did say I was high risk HPV though - which was a totally new diagnosis.

The HPV was high risk category however after a colopscopy i was given the all-clear and the dr said I just come back for a pap smear in 2 years - how can it go from being high-risk, to resuming a normal check-up?

In total my questions are:
1. does HSV 2 raise my risk of death or anything else?
2. does HPV (high risk) raise my risk of death?
3. does strep b raise my risk of death?

if i had or have all 3, what does that mean?

as mentioend - step b was not detected in my last pap smear. hpv was given the all clear after colopscopy -

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