I was hit by an 18 wheeler and fractured my spine. I also have spinal stenosis, ddd, severe muscle spasms and cramps, psoriatic arthritis, sciatica, and Interstitial cystitis. I've done everything suggested by Western medicine doctors and have spent 10's of thousands of dollars on alternative therapies.

I was initially treated with long acting opioids after taking high doses of acetaminophen for years and years. My doctor put me on long acting opioids because I had liver damage from Halothane anesthesia. (I can't take NSAIDS)

I was able to successfully get off of opioids on my own without help, when my doctor left practice, without incident. LEIS quit working after five years.

The last time I was treated for pain was 2 & 1/2 years ago but my doctor quit treating pts taking scheduled meds. I understand the risks associated with opioids, however, I never had an increase in my pain meds and have never had an addiction. I can't find a doctor who will treat me with opioids even though they are what worked best for me for 3+ years. I've had a psych eval and the doctor recommended reinstating long acting opioids. I've been bedridden with severe pain for 2 1/2 yrs.

Why won't pain mgmt doctors prescribe the same drugs they prescribe for addiction? They're supposed to be helpful with pain as well. Because I can't find a doctor to treat me I'm thinking of trying street drugs because I'm tired of not being able to work, do anything with my husband or children, take walks, or go anywhere. Even standing for 5 min or taking a shower is unbearable. Pain has ruined my life.
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