I have a few questions, I am making a dentist appointment tomorrow but it takes weeks to get in so I am hoping to find some sort of piece of mind before then because I've been worrying so much I am unable to sleep. I'm only 18, and I don't want to lose any of my front teeth!

I have 3 teeth that have this strange sensation in them. They are top front teeth, and it is the middle of the 3 that is particularly affected. It is similar to a cold sensitive sensation, but it doesn't have the sharp pain that usually comes with this. It feels like the tooth it cold but it's not cold to touch. Also when I run my tongue along the back of the tooth it feels as though it moves ever so slightly, but upon inspection in the mirror there is no movement visible. It's mainly in one tooth, but sort of spreads to the one either side some times. It seems to originate from the gum at the back of this particular tooth.The teeth appear to be healthy, as does the gums. I've never had any issues with my these teeth.

I suffer from sinus allergies so I heard it is possible this could be causing it, but I thought sinus affected the back molars not your front teeth. I also woken up a few times in the past 6 months from grinding my front teeth back and forwards, rather than left to right, but I have taken worming tablets hoping to cure this issue as it's I've only had recently when under going some stressful surgeries this year.

The sensation appears to be originating from the gum at the back of the teeth, it comes and goes. It seems to be when I am physically cold it starts to get the tingly feeling. I am a paranoid person and I don't know if I'm imagining this. When ever I wake up from a sleep it's not there, how ever I think about it and it starts to come back. It's been like this for 2 days now, but today it's not as much tingly, but the tooth feels almost weightless. It feels like It'll just fall out on it's own, yet it isn't loose at all.

This post probably seems a little over the top but I worry far too much and I just need some reassurance that it's unlikely teeth will just fall out one day.

Dental history:

- 4 years ago I chipped one of my bottom front teeth clean in half, so it resembled a fang. I had to have root canal as the nerve had been exposed for too long. Because I was only 14 at the time the dentist built up the tooth with some sort of filling mixture and bonded it to my teeth. The bonding has slowly chipped away in spots, and I am unable to floss because of the remaining bonding. I'm almost certain I have minor signs of gingivitis around these bottom teeth as the gums appear slightly red and irritated. I've begun using an anti-bacterial mouth wash and using a special tooth paste for sensitive teeth to help fight gingivitis.

- I've had multiple fillings, in my back molars. Also when I was about 10 years old my molars were filled in because the groove in the center was unnaturally deep and I was unable to clean them.

- As a child I had poor dental hygiene. I never used to brush my teeth which resulted in the cavities when I was young. As a young teen I used to brush only of a morning and didn't floss. How ever this year I have begun to brush 2 - 3 times a day, floss every day, and use mouth wash each day. It is possibly that because my teeth are not used to proper oral hygiene that they are sensitive now to over brushing? Or maybe I have thin enamel and because I never used to brush properly the dentist was unable to tell?.

Medical history:

- The only illness I've had was the chicken pox so that is unrelated.

- I suffer from sinus regularly and have to take antihistamines daily to try to help prevent the head aches around my eyes and in my teeth.

- This year I had a skin expander on the right side of my head for 3 months. This is the same side as the teeth that are playing up (front right ones). This this procedure was finished about 3 months ago I have had different issues on this side. It has made my sinus play up only affecting the right side of my face/head, my skin has broken out in pimples on only the right side and I have never been a person who suffered acne. The nerves on my head on the right side in the area the expander was in is completely numb because of nerve damage, it is slowly healing. So I am unsure if due to the stretched skin shrinking back to regular size, and the nerves healing up is causing strange feelings in my teeth. I doubt it but it's a possibility.
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