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Strange problem of constipatio and dihorrea

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Hello Guys

im experience strange problems from last 2 months..i joined gym 5-6 months ago and it was working well and i was overwhemed by all the weights and stuff but suddenly 2 months ago i got hammoroids and it was so painful, i went to the doctor and got medication as i was suffering from constipation as well..i took medicine for a week and felt good and thought i could join the gym again but it didnt feel good as i was experiencing dihorrea and constipation again..before i was using muscle mass and eating proteins while avoiding much fiber..i usually take 6-8 glasses of water it was going painful i went to see the doctor again he prescribed me the medicine ans i took it for 15 days and i was feeling bit well and i was not eating too much at that time..but after 15 days i decided to go to gym consumed lots of food like milk, peanut butter, chicken, bananas, oats, honey,eggs and it again started constipation and dihorrea..i got to toilet more often from last 2 days..
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