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Strange period and now breasts are sore 8 days later!

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Hi everyone,

I am 31 years old. My periods are regular and i am not trying to concieve.

Me and my husband have been using the pull out method for 4 years glance . My period came 2 days late on the 29/1/11. It was a very strange period, very light flow to begin with brown then light red and heavy and lasted only 2 days. 9 days after my 'weird period' had finished my breasts became really tender and itchy again and this has continued( i normally get tender breast just before period but never this early). I have had 2 children so i know this is a commen symptom of pregnancy. I done a HPT on 9/02/2011 this was negative. However my breasts continue to be very sore and my body just feels pregnant i feel like i am going crazy Shocked . Could there be any other explaination for this or could i be pregnant? Has anyone experienced anything similar? Does anyone have any advice? Please help!

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replied November 25th, 2011
Did you ever find out if you were pregnant? I'm going through the same thing. Sad
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