Hi there. I hope I can find an answer for the strange symptoms I've been suffering from for the past few years. I can pain in my left leg that is like shards of glass especially on the right side of my left foot, top side and the middle of my leg. For some reason this sharp constant shard like pain gets worse if I was bloated. I'm thinking crossed nerves between the rectum and the leg. The same pain I feel slightly in my right leg.

I've fallen on both legs years ago. I was trying to get up off a chair and my legs were numb, then I fell forward and I stopped the fall by leaning backwards which caused me to feel this tremendous acid, glass like feeling in my legs especially the left one. For few days I wasn't able to walk but the pain subsided and since then I have this glass like feeling in my left leg.

I'm not sure when did I develop the gut-leg connection, but I started to have extremely strange feelings a while ago. My thighs would have visible spasms from time to time, I seem to suffer from erectile dysfunction from time to time, especially when I'm bloated. I would have head pressure, left arm sensations, stomach acidity, strange feelings around my heart. I don't know how to explain it, but with time I've noticed that I suffer from some sort of IBS - leg nerve pain connection that gets worse with my mood. I also suffer from social anxiety and depression, lots of suppressed anger and probably untreated PTSD due to childhood sexual abuse.

For most of my childhood and adulthood I suffered from a spasming gut especially in stressful situations. It seems every time my gut would spasm my legs would suffer from pain. I recently thought it might be the rectum nerve getting mixed up with the left nerve.

MRI showed that I have some sort of damage to three disks in the middle of my back, don't know what they call them. The doctor asked me if I ever had an accident before or fell from a horse, which my answer was negative. I'm not sure how this is related to the strange sensations I feel. There seems to be some sort of back-feed of electricity to my brain or my body due to this injury that I feel all over the place.

I'm 34, tall, overweight now although I lost tremendous weight in the past (60kgs) that I regained again later after two years. I lost weight cutting in unhealthy way, not relying on a proper diet or exercise, just eating less, I was tired all the time.
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