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Strange Lump On Mouth Floor

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Hi. I'm concerned, primarily because I'm the worlds biggest hypochondriac. Haha. I have this odd bump on the floor of my mouth under my tongue off to the side of the salivary glands. It doesn't hurt, it's well, mouth colored. No contrast from the rest of that area, I'd have no clue it was there if I didn't play with it with my tongue constantly. The photo makes it look different. It protrudes and I can move it around, it's soft for the most part. I'm just concerned but desperately avoiding a trip to the doctor. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Link to photo below.
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replied May 2nd, 2015
Growth can be in any form of tissue, in or around the mouth. Growth most commonly appears on the lips, side of tongue and floor of mouth. Its causes may be Noncancerous, Precancerous, Cancerous.
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