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Strange GI condition with lots of abdominal gas

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I have a strange & distressing condition no MD has been able to figure out yet. Here’s the story and timeline.

Dec. 24, 2016 had been feeling bad for only a couple days. Some rectal pain (that I thought was a hemorrhoid) and a side ache, just feeling blah and pale. Went to a local urgent care center where they did a blood test, chest and abdominal x-rays, and rectal exam. No hemorrhoids found, blood results were normal, x-rays normal except for “a lot of stool.” In short, constipation, which has been a recurring issue for me over 20 some years. Put me on laxatives, and once everything got moved out I felt MUCH better, almost back to 100%. They told me to follow up with my GP later.
* Prior to this, I had felt the mild rectal discomfort and side pain for a couple weeks perhaps.

Jan. 2, 2017, followed up with my regular GP. They said I had a LOT of abdominal gas and a very active gut. No blood in stools and they were regular sized. He said with my history of occasional constipation and they way this condition came on he did not believe it to be cancer. He put me on mag citrate pills and probiotics to help get my gut back in gear.

Two weeks later — Had a very large bowl movement (not thin, no blood), after which I immediately started having a lot of body shivers and shakes. Still LOTS of intestinal gas. Went back to the GP and he put me on a special medical food to help get bowl movements regular, in addition to the mag citrate and probiotics.

Two weeks later, Feb. 2, had another very large bowl movement accompanied by extreme body shivers and shakes. Lots of abdominal gas and bloating. Except this time the shakes did not stop and got worse, getting so bad my hands, feet and gut began to tingle and go numb, and I came close to losing consciousness. My wife rushed me to the ER. All tests — blood, heart and urine — came back normal, except for high blood sugar. They diagnosed me with diabetes 2, though I had none of the risk factors. They released me after a few hours.

Followed up with my GP again the next day who disagreed with the diabetes diagnosis. He did a blood sugar test on the spot that came back normal. He did another blood test that would be more definitive for diabetes (though he didn’t think it would be positive) — still awaiting those results. Still having bad intestinal gas and bloating, which seems to be irritating my colon more and getting more “raw” feeling. Still no blood in stools.

So now I’m trying to get in with a gastroenterologist. In the meantime, I’ve got this persistent intestinal gas/cramps that’s getting no better, along with an ER visit. So far 3 doctors haven’t been able to tell me anything definitive as to what’s going on. I suspect SIBO or some pancreatic issue.

Anybody ever had anything like this or have any ideas?
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